The Clay Bar Treatment – Paint Decontamination

Paint Decontamination is a Paint Correction Service.

Paint Decontamination aims to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your car’s paint.

Some of the contaminants that affect your car’s paint are industrial fallout,  rail dust,  ferrous,  tree sap,  tar,  etc.

Furthermore,  other elements that can contaminate the paint of your vehicle.

These include airborne compounds and paint overspray.


The Effects of Paint Contamination

Overtime these elements can discolour the paint and make it look dull.

This can drastically change the shiny appearance of your vehicle.

Washing your car does not completely remove these particles because they bond physically and chemically to the paint.

This condition of the paint is sometimes not even visible to the naked eye.


Testing for Paint Contamination

The only way to identify the problem of contamination is to run your fingers through the paint after a wash.

If it feels rough to the touch, there is a contamination problem.

This problem will need to be rectified by polishing.


How bad is the Paint Contamination?

Depending on the contamination degree of the vehicle, it might need a two-stage decontamination to thoroughly clean the paint.

The first step is to use a chemical to remove organic contaminants.

The second step is clay bar removal and last step is polishing.

Please note that in some cases, it might be more difficult and sometimes impossible to remove the contamination just by using polishing.

In such a extreme case, the paint should be resprayed.


What is Paint Decontamination: Clay Bar Treatment?

Clay Bar Treatment is the first step to remove this contamination.

The Clay Bar used in this treatment is made out of soft plastic (resin) and abrasive particles.

Clay Bar effectively removes paint contamination.

After using a clay bar on your paint you will be left with a surface that is as smooth as glass.

So, the paint will be properly prepped and ready for polish or protection application.