how often should i clean my carPeople often wonder how often to clean my car?:

  • A car should be washed at least once a week with premium shampoo, this will minimise destructive elements that contaminate the car’s paint.
  •  Also, give your car a second stage tough seal shield by polishing your car professionally with high quality waxes (premium vehicle protection) that really protect your car from these contaminants that your vehicle face every day.

These high quality waxes like “NanoTech” provide protection against:

      1. Ultra violet rays
      2. Colour fading
      3. Acid rain etching
      4. Peeling
      5. Frost
      6. Tree sap
      7. Insect acid
      8. Bird lime
      9. Oxidation (chalking)
      10. Road salts
      11. Petrol and diesel fumes
  • Furthermore, there should be noted that fading colours with soft pigments like red, yellow and black, should be looked after more after protection and should not get neglected.
  • If your car has been cut and polished due to fading, it is recommended that it is washed and hand polished at least once a week, inspecting the condition of the paint as it is cleaned.
  • Interior protection is also important as it will give your interiors a longer life.
  • A car should always be maintained especially after applying protection, its protection will only work if it is looked after regularly as all cars are exposed to contaminants.

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