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3 main factors that contaminate your car

You must clean your car regularly why? Because of the 3 main factors that contaminate your car, ruin the paint and therefore make your car’s paint look dull.

Road contaminants

Over a long period of time, oil, dirt, tar, exhaust and other pollutants built up, they combine to affect the paint finish.


Tree sap, bird droppings, insects, salt/bore water and other natural deposits can if allowed to stay in the paint work, leave an etching or scarring. All of this should be washed off as soon as possible.

The environment

Industrial fall out and other man-made products may react chemically damaging paint work.

How to maintain your car?

The easiest way to keep the paint work looking great is to keep it clean. However, many of the worst problems can be caused by poor cleaning practices and the use of wrong products. Paint protection only works if you clean your car regularly. Why spend your money in paint protection if you don’t clean your car? Any car lover or enthusiastic in maintaining their car in top condition will know that a car needs to be cleaned regularly to get the most of its protection. The 3 factors above can destroy the paint of your car if you don’t give it the care it needs.

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