Jose Arias

This is our story…

This is the story behind Brillante Car Detailing…
Jose Arias was born in Central America and migrated
to Australia in the 1980’s. His love for cars dates back to his
childhood years when he frequently helped his father clean
the family’s cars.

Jose bought his first car when he started working in
his early 20’s, and he did not just want to have any type
of car, his first “real” car was a V8! (as he recalls with
a smile on his face the beginning of his love affair with cars!).

He constantly acquired a new car every couple of years
and he always kept them in good nick, he did modifications
to them (eg. audio installations, body kits to name a few
as he played around with his newly acquired gems.
Jose also took his cars for spins driving around the streets
of Adelaide.

Jose Arias later participated in car shows to demonstrate
his abilities and he won several prizes at these events.
Jose enjoyed this part of his life immensely.

Jose dedicated a good decade of his life to perfect
the art of loving a car: taking care of them inside and outside.
He taught himself how to polish, buff, clean, restore,
modify his cars. His passion is absolutely everything to do
about cars…

A Dream Comes True...!

In 2009,  Jose became redundant as a process worker
of Bridgestone Corporation. The solution to his temporary
unemployment was a no-brainer to him! He recognised
this as an opportunity to follow the dream of turning
his passion into his own Car Detailing Company.

He became enrolled in a Business Administration course
to get his company started. Brillante Car Detailing was born!

Jose’s passion for cars is demonstrated in every car
that he details. For Jose every car is unique and
it needs to be given attention and special tender
loving care inside as well as outside.

The image that Jose wants to portray in the work that
he does is incomparable. He has labelled it “An Image
of Distinction…”.

Check out Brillante Car Detailing’s Home Page for
more information about the Company.

To check out Jose’s latest works go to Brillante’s Facebook Page.

Jose Arias