What is included in the Interior Cleaning?

We frequently get asked the question: what is included in the Interior Cleaning?

Interior cleaning includes a thorough inside clean. Starting with cleaning the doors and all its details and grooves around it. The head lining is also cleaned.

It also includes console, all plastics, fabric on door trims, steering, indicators to remove any grease build up on knobs and areas where greasy finger prints.

Because little details are important to us, we ensure that all areas are left clean all over the interior including edges and small grooves where dirt, grease or fluff accumulates, eg. inside A/C vents, and around the audio/DVD players and screens, the compartments in between the seats, etc.

Seats are also cleaned or shampooed depending of the level of dirt they have. Next, the carpets and floor are thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, if these areas are heavily soiled, they are also shampooed.

Interior cleaning is particularly popular during the winter months when people to dirty their cars with mud and debris.