What is the Drying Time after shampooing seats?

Another good question we often receive from customers is: what is the drying time after shampooing seats.  So people wonder, how long do I need to wait before I can sit inside my car after shampooing the seats.

Drying time depends on the following factors:

  • How much water was extracted from the seats if there was retention of water on the seats or if it was a case of seats having been flooded with liquid, how much water was left on the seats.
  • How deep the cleaning was and how much water was used (depending on how dirty the seats were).
  • Depending on how dirty the seats are, it is the method used to clean them: machine cleaning or manual method.

The drying time after shampooing seats in summer the waiting time can be a matter of 20-30 mins.

In winter, the car heater must be turned on to allow the seats to dry and drying time can take up to 1 hour.

In the case that the car has bad odour being this tobacco, food or any other foul smell, a strong, smell removal chemical will be applied to the fabric to neutralise the smell.

Depending on the type of odour that the car has and the stain to remove, it might take longer to remove it all and thus the cleaning process will involve the use of more water, leaving the car wetter and therefore the drying time will increase.

The car seats should always get completely dry before using the car. Leaving the car seats damp or not completely dry will cause a very musty unpleasant smell in the interior of the car.

To avoid this nasty smell, car seats will need to be properly cleaned and dried.

Other services that can be used to maintain your car in top condition are: interior cleaning or basic cleaning.