Car Wash or Laser is not recommended

Some reasons why car wash or laser is not recommended

  1. Car wash or laser is not recommended because the water used to wash is not filtered/recycled correctly and thus coming out from the high pressure gun still with sediment, particles and dust, leaving behind a layer of dirt. Water not properly filtered will have an abrasive effect on the paint, damaging and even scratching the paint.
  2. The laser wash process will not properly dry the car’s surface creating water spots in some areas staining the paint work. The pressure applied on the paint is often too high and therefore damaging the paint.
  3. Brushes that are constantly used to clean several cars a day will accumulate dirt creating holograms and swirl mark.

The above are some of the most important reasons why car wash or laser is not recommended as using them for car maintenance will deteriorate the state of the paint your car.


How to check that your car’s paint has been damaged

When your car is under the sun or fluorescent lights, you will be able to see all these problems that have been created by brushes or laser wash.

Brillante Car Detailing will give you revival and protection for your car’s paint work using high-tech polymers, your car will be polished to a shiny mirror-like finish.

Exclusive polymers polish and waxes react to produce a tough, protective glaze that buff to a high gloss that lasts for months.

Brillante will give your car the ultimate shine and protection using the most advanced Hydrophobic Polymer technology that delivers relentless water beading and totally sweet shine.

Note: Before applying this process,  Decontamination or Declaying will need to be applied prior to buffing. This should be applied to every car before polishing or applying protection to get the perfect finish.

It is recommended to clean your car regularly to always keep its paint in optimal condition. Always wash or polish your car under shaded areas.