Brillante detailing past experience

When Jose Arias (Brillante Car Detailing detailer) is out and about doing his job,  he often talks to clients and he gets asked about Brillante Car Detailing Experience.


The Beginnings of his Car Detailing Experience

Jose’s love for cars dates back to when he was a small child and used to help his dad cleaning the family’s cars.

Over the years,  Jose’s passion for cars grew, he then was able to purchase his first car.  He constantly acquired upgraded to the latest models.

Jose has over a decade of experience in caring for cars. He is professional and passionate for his work.  Jose believes that when having a vehicle for detailing or cleaning,  the preparation is important,  but what he really enjoys is the end result.  He strives to deliver the very best finish.


Going in deep with the experience

He is always searching for new ways of achieving best and more efficient results. He also is constantly in the look out for more advanced technologies that deliver optimal results in the paint as well as the interior and all parts of the exterior.

He communicates his desire to better the touch when he polishes with the most advanced waxes,  polishes and products in the industry with various suppliers,  so he is always searching to refine this touch.

The parts of the exterior of the car need to be cared for with the best chemicals to tackle the most stubborn problems that have been created with the exposure to the environment, this being tar or break dust that has stained the wheels or parts of the paint.

With the cars’ interiors, he knows that the most effective chemicals are needed for performance in removing the toughest stains but also delivering the best finish in the plastics and other materials. He is aware that all materials are different and require different types of care.

Jose’s dedication and love for cars can be seen in every car he details, he treats each car with the care they deserve.

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