Brillante Car Detailing Workshop Opens in May 2018

Brillante Car Detailing Workshop Grand  Opening

After several years of Mobile operation, Brillante Car Detailing Workshop opens in the heart of Salisbury.

Mobile Car Detailing offers the flexibility of operating at several locations and gives our customers the freedom and convenience of staying in the comfort of their home while their car is being taken care of, however having a workshop present several advantages.


Advantages of having our Car Detailing Workshop

At our new premises, we have the flexibility to attend to several clients at once with spacious surroundings.

We also now have the convenience of offering an enclosed environment in our workshop that is more convenient for services like Polishing, Waxing and Paint Protection application where it is recommended to have an enclosed environment to avoid particles to fall on the paint.

This ensures that the finish for these services is of optimal quality.

Having a workshop also gives us the freedom to operate under the worse weather conditions eg. rain, heat, cold, etc.

Offering a wide range of Car Detailing Services including pre-sale makeovers, cut and polish, paint protection, basic detailing, just to name a few.


Our workshop is conveniently located

The Workshop located at Shed 6 / 46 Stanbel Road, Salisbury Plain.

Stanbel Road is a very busy and well known commercial/industrial street, located in the heart of the city of Salisbury and very accessible via train, bus and walking distance from main roads and the Salisbury Train Station.

Our workshop is located in a very convenient area surrounded by several businesses in the heart of the city of Salisbury. The workshop has ample carpark with capacity to attend to several cars.


Contact Details and Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Our contact details are:
Mob: 0402 202 647 | 0452 502 647