Basic Cleaning Detail

Basic Cleaning Detail: Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance is very important for maintaining the look and condition of your vehicle, while maximising its life span.

It is recommended to clean your vehicle at least once a week to remove all contaminants that may damage your vehicle’s paint. Also to avoid your interior from deteriorating, keeping a fresh look at all times.

If a vehicle is kept unclean for long periods of time, the factors in the environment such as oils, dirt, grime, break dust, bird droppings etc, will attach to your vehicle’s paint, accumulating on the paint, eating away the paint and penetrating into the clear coat.

At this stage, Cut and Polish ways of contamination removal would not be sufficient to bring back your car’s shine. Your vehicle’s surface will need to be re-sprayed, costing extra money that could have saved by appropriate cleaning practices.

Sometimes even with the best cleaning practices it is not sufficient to protect the paint as you are only removing contaminants from the surface, however the paint is not protected from potential damage.

Paint Protection is recommended to provide a layer of defence, a guard that not only will repel these elements but it will make the surface smoother and thus making it easier to clean and keep your vehicle clean for longer.

Basic Cleaning Detail is the most basic of all services we provide, however it has been designed to cover all details in your car at a basic level (not including the engine or seats/mats shampoo).

Exterior wash including:

  • Wheels: Tyres, inside mags, and arches
  • Door Jambs

Basic Interior including:

  • Door panels and rubbers
  • Dash console
  • Vents, dash panels
  • Glove boxes, cup holders
  • Centre console, control units
  • A/C controls and switches
  • Spot clean headliner
  • Seats, carpets, mats and boot vacuum
  • Windows, Fragrance.


If your car is heavily soiled and requires seats/carpets shampoo, you may need to upgrade to a different service.