car detailing online store 

Brillante Car Detailing introduced today our car detailing shop online presenting the following features:

1.   Detailed information about our services and charges.

2.   Our car detailing services categories:

  • Polishing (5 services available)
  • Paint Protection (2 services available)
  • Basic Detail (1 service available)
  • Interior Detail (3 services available)
  • Pre-Sale Makeovers (3 services available)
  • Exterior Wash (1 service available)

4.  A facility for purchasing car detailing services. The following payment methods are available:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Cheque Payments

5. Vouchers for all special occasions. This facility provides a way to purchase a Car Detailing Service as a gift for friends and family. The Voucher will then be emailed to the customer after purchase so it can be printed and given as a gift.


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