Brillante Car Detailing

Our services will please your senses: Your car will smell, feel and look like new again…

About Brillante Car Detailing…

A world of image...

We live in a world where image describes what words cannot.

How we present ourselves is the representation of us to the world, and it describes elements about ourselves from how healthy we are to the style and personality we want to portray.

The image of our cars is also an extension and projection of ourselves, and in this hectic world, we know how difficult it is to keep our cars in top condition.

This is the story about Brillante Car Detailing...

Brillante Car Detailing started around the idea that the all vehicles coming to us will leave our shop looking as stunning and shiny.

Being an old car restoring their shine back to new, or a new car that had been fading, the idea was to make them shine with our touch. 

Our detailers are passionate about our cars and we strive to get the perfect striking gloss and shine under the sun, this is demonstrated in every car we detail.

We are fascinated about the way we would like to see our cars. We like to give every car the attention it deserves and strive to give attention to each one to make them look superb inside and outside.

This is the story about Brillante Car Detailing...

Why Brillante? The meaning of this word “Brillante” is Spanish for “shiny”, we want to give our cars this look, a distinctive shine that can be appreciated as soon as they leave our shop. We want to get the best out of our cars’ paint and interior.

Let us take this responsibility of looking after your car and free yourself to worry about other more important things in your life. Because we know the care that your car needs.

Brillante Car Detailing offers a wide variety of services catered to every car’s condition, from a complete make over, a basic detail, paint protection and polishing.

We are much more than simply a Car Detailing Company, we are representatives of that image you carry and we enjoy looking after this image for you.

Let us give your car our image of distinction…!

Our Motto is: “An Image of Distinction”.

It is all About Brillante…

Every service we provide leaves our “Image of Distinction”

Maintenance Services: A thorough clean of the wheels, wash with premium shampoo or snow wash and chamois dry, immaculate looking interiors.

Car protection including paint, leather and interiors.

Paint Correction to remove fine scratches and dull looking paint.

Extra services which include tint and sticker removal, headlight restoration, polish and wax and clay bar treatment.