3 Main Factors that contaminate your car

You must clean your car regularly…  Why? Because of the 3 main factors that contaminate your car, can ruin the paint and therefore make your car’s paint look dull.

The easiest way to keep the paint work looking great is to keep it clean. However, many of the worst problems can be caused by poor cleaning practices and the use of wrong products. Paint protection only works if you clean your car regularly. Why spend your money in paint protection if you don’t clean your car? Any car lover or enthusiastic in maintaining their car in top condition will know that a car needs to be cleaned regularly to get the most of its protection. The 3 factors above can destroy the paint of your car if you don’t give it the care it needs.

There are other elements that can damage your car’s paint that we need to be aware of to protect your car. Some of these include: Shaving cream, Coffee, Soda, Salt, etc.

It is very important to be mindful about these elements being in contact with the paint. The area should be cleaned immediately and a wax or protection should be applied to the paint to repel these contaminants to avoid damage.