Best Car Detailing in Adelaide!

With over a decade of experience, At Brillante Car Detailing you will get the Best Car Detailing in Adelaide, giving your car the ultimate shine and protection. Brillante's philosophy was designed around our dedication and passion for caring for cars.

We use the most advanced specialized and appearance products that deliver relentless water beading and totally sweet shine.

Our services include Paint and Interior Protection, Paint Correction and Car Maintenance.

Our aim is to give every car our “Image of Distinction”.

Make your car shine with Brillante Car Detailing!

Learn about our car detailer: Jose Arias.

Our Services...


Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is very important for extending the life of your car, maximise its protection against contaminants and keep your car in top condition at all times.


  • wheels | tyre shine | door jambs | exterior wash | chamois dry | windows 

It is important to clean your vehicle regularly to keep it in top condition. If Paint Protection has been applied, you need to wash it often to maintain this protection and protect it against contaminants and potential damage.

  • Exterior Wash PLUS Basic Interior Detail: doors | dash console | seats vacuum | carpets vacuum | boot | windows | fragrance.
This service is the most basic of all but it is designed to maintain your car in good condition inside and outside.
  • Basic Interior Detail: doors | dash console | seats vacuum | carpets vacuum | boot | windows | fragrance PLUS seats shampoo or leather clean | carpets/mats shampoo | plastics dress-up.
This service is designed to target the interior only in more detail. All compartments in your car are detailed to bring back the new look and seats and carpets shampooed.
  • Exterior Wash | Interior Detail PLUS interior plastics protection | exterior, door and boot jambs polish | Mini detail on plastics | Engine dress up.
This service is designed to prepare your car for sale. All parts of your vehicle are detailed to give it the new mirror finish look, inside and outside.


Car Protection

We provide you with the best and latest technologies in Car Protection. Car protection ensures that the life of your car is optimised by applying a shield on your car’s paint protecting it from the contaminants in the environment that it is exposed to every day.

This protection is aimed to rejuvenate all plastic areas in the car and protect against environmental exposure preventing UV deterioration causing fade and greying.
Leather conditioner is applied to leather surfaces to nourish the leather and stops it drying out and cracking. It protects and preserves keeping it soft and supple.
A hard and glossy sealant is applied to the car's paint to protect it against the damage caused by the harsh environment.


Paint Correction

You can remove some fine scratches, swirl marks and paint defects on your vehicle’s paint leaving a mirror-like finish.

This service aims to restore and rejuvenate your vehicle's paintwork that has been damaged by contaminants, by eliminating dull and faded paint, swirl marks and imperfections. Correcting the paint will bring back a sweet shine making your car look as new.


Optional Services

These are optional and specialised services that can be booked separately or as part of other services we offer.  Book these services if you wish to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle eg. Headlight Restoration or to remove unwanted or old features eg. Window Tint Removal.

Safe removal of window tint and sticker removal services.
Refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discoloured or dull by environmental factors to bring back their original shine.
Polish gives a shine to new cars, it is the process of masking imperfections on the surface to make them less noticeable. Wax gives a glossy, wet look to your vehicle protecting the paint to prevent scratches on the clear coat.
It is the process of removing all contaminants on the paintwork making the paint smooth as glass. It helps removes tough blemishes. It is applied prior to detailing, polishing and applying protection.

Our guarantee to you ...

At Brillante Car Detailing, we strive to provide the best available service for every car we detail ...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our services come with a 100% guarantee to put a smile on your face, when you see the finish on your car it will be noticeable at first sight.
The best technologies available
We are constantly searching for the latest technologies and advances in the Car Detailing Industry to bring the best shine and presentation out of your car.
An image of Distinction
Delivering the ultimate care for your car to give it a distinct shine and protection inside and outside.