Best Car Detailing in Adelaide
Specialising in Car Protection and Paint Correction Services
Car Maintenance Services
Maximise the life of your vehicle and extend its paint protection by caring for it regularly.
Car Protection Services
Car Protection Services
Car Leather Seats, Interior and Paint Protection
Paint Correction Services
Swirl marks and Scratch Removal. Paint Rejuvenation.

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of experience.

Brillante Car Detailing will give your car the ultimate shine
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appearance products that deliver relentless water beading
and totally sweet shine.

Our services include Paint and Interior Protection,
Paint Correction and Car Maintenance.

Our aim is to give every car our “Image of Distinction”.

Make your car shine with Brillante Car Detailing!



Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is paramount for extending the life of your car, maximise its protection against contaminants and keep your car in top condition at all times.

Exterior Wash
  • wheels | tyre shine | door jambs | car wash | chamois dry | windows 
It is important to clean your vehicle regularly to keep it in top condition. If Paint Protection has been applied to your car, you need to wash it often to maintain this protection and protect it against contaminants.
Basic Detail
  • Exterior Wash PLUS  | doors | dash console | seats | carpets | boot | windows | fragrance.
This service is the most basic of all but it is designed to maintain your car in good condition inside and outside.
Interior Detail
  • doors | dash console | seats shampoo or leather clean | carpets | plastics dress-up | boot | windows | fragrance.
This service is designed to target the interior only. All compartments in your car are detailed to bring back the new look.
Pre-Sale Makeovers
  • Exterior Wash | Interior Detail PLUS interior plastics protection | exterior, door and boot jambs polish | Mini detail on plastics | Engine dress up.
This service is designed to prepare your car for sale. All parts of your vehicle are detailed to give it the new mirror finish look, inside and outside.


Car Protection

You can protect your car inside and outside from the contaminants in the environment that it is exposed to every day.


Paint Correction

You can remove fine scratches, swirl marks and paint defects on your vehicle’s paint leaving a mirror-like finish.

Paint Correction
This service aims to restore and rejuvenate your vehicle's paintwork by eliminating dull and faded paint, swirl marks and imperfections that has been damaged by contaminants. Correcting the paint will bring back a sweet shine making your car look as new.


Optional Services

These services can be booked as stand-alone services or they can be added to other services.

Window Tint and Sticker Removal
Safe removal of window tint and sticker removal services.
Headlight Restoration
Refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discoloured or dull by environmental factors to bring back their original shine.
Polish and Wax
Polish gives a shine to new cars, it is the process of masking imperfections on the surface to make them less noticeable. Wax gives a glossy, wet look to your vehicle protecting the paint to prevent scratches on the clear coat.
Clay Bar (Paint Decontamination)
It is the process of removing all contaminants on the paintwork making the paint smooth as glass. It helps removes tough blemishes. It is applied prior to detailing, polishing and applying protection.